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Capt. Edward Mott

Edward Mott was born on December 16, 1731 to Jonathan Mott and Hannah Bailey of Westerly, Rhode Island.  He later removed to Preston, Connecticut.   During the French & Indian War, Mott captained a company of the 6thConnecticut Regiment, a unit that attracted several Native recruits.  In 1775, Mott was an officer in Colonel Parson’s Regiment.  A member of Ethan Allen’s Green Mountain Boys, he, with Colonel James Easton and John Brown of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, planned the capture of Fort Ticonderoga.  After service with the northern army in the taking of Chambly and St. John’s, he returned to Connecticut to become the commandant of the fort at Groton.  In 1773, Mott served as a committee for the Connecticut General Assembly on a matter concerning trespassing on Pequot lands at Mashantucket.  The next year, he was appointed overseer of that tribe and held the position until, at least, 1797.  He was replaced by his brother Samuel in 1798.  


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December 16, 1731



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