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Zadock Hawkins

Birth:ABT 1733  Derby, New Haven Co, Connecticut


Marriage:  4 AUG 1754 in Derby, Connecticut


Land Record:  23 SEP 1754

Note:  Bought 140 acres from Zadock’s brother Samuel in the township of Derby lying on “Jack’s Hill.”  After spending just one year on this property, they began to sell it, selling two pieces the same day – 26 AUG 1755.  One piece went to Zadock’s sister, Lois.  The other to Lydia’s father.


Birth of Daughter:  Damaris Hawkins
Date:  20 JUL 1755
Place:  Connecticut


Militia:  MAY 1756 during Frech and Indian War
Note:  Zadock was called upon to serve one week and one day in the 1st Company of the Second Connecticut Regiment under Capt. Isaacs and Col. David Wooster.  His service was described as a “victualizing role,” which probably meant he was involved with getting food and supplies to some of the other soldiers.


Birth of Son:  William Wilmot Hawkins
Date:  16 Nov 1757
Place:  New Milford, Connecticut


Land Record:  18 JAN 1758
Note:  Sold the rest of their “Jack’s Hill” property back to his brother, Samuel, from whom he had purchased it.


Military Service:  05 APR 1758
Note:  Zadock enlisted for a term of six months in the 11th Company of the Fourth Regiment under Captain Joseph Canfield and Col. David Wooster


Church:  St. James Church in Derby, Connecticut


Birth of Son:  Zadock Hawkins
Date:  6 Oct 1759


Birth of Son:  Peter Hawkins
Date: 24 Jan 1761
Place:  New Milford, Connecticut


Birth of Daughter:  Lydia Hawkins
Date:  26 DEC 1762
Place:  New Milford, Connecticut


Birth of Son:  Reuben Hawkins
Date: 5 Feb 1765


Birth of Daughter:  Damaris Hawkins
Date:  29 JUL 1766
Place:  New Milford, Connecticut


Birth of Son:  Eleazer Hawkins
Date:  ABT 1768


Birth of Son:  Thomas Hawkins
Date:  11 Oct 1771
Place:  Derby, Connecticut


Military Service:  APR/MAY 1775
Note:  Zadock joined the Colonial Army at the first call for troops in Litchfield, Connecticut, serving under Benjamin Hinman in the Fourth Connecticut Regiment.  No doubt this call was in response to the clash between the Colonial Minutemen and the British Redcoats in the Battle of Lexington and Concord at the start of the Revolutionary War on 19 APR 1775.  During this tour he marched on both Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point in May of 1775 and most likely participated in the capture of these sites by Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys before he was “discharged in the north” on 17 NOV 1775.


Military Service:  20 FEB 1777
Note:  Zadock served in the Colonial Army in the Revolutionary War.  He served in H Company of the 6th Connecticut Regiment of foot under Capt. Jonas Prentice, commanded by Lt. Col. David Dimon under Col. Return Jonathan Meigs.


Military Service:  31 AUG 1777
Note:  Zadock was reported missing from duty because of illness.


Death:  20 OCT 1777 Died in service in the Revolutionary War (1)


Death:  15 DEC 1777 Died in service in the Revolutionary War (2)


NOTE (1): Taken from:


NOTE (2): Listed as date of death in the Record of Service Connecticut Men in the War of Independence

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