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Join The 6th Connecticut Regiment!

The 6th Connecticut Regiment of the Continental Line seeks men and women to join us in recreating the American Revolution. We are a group that portrays a regiment and its camp followers that formed in New Haven in January, 1777.


Don't want to be a soldier? We are also looking for 18-century Tradesmen, a Regimental Surgeon, and camp followers. We are a family-friendly unit.

What is required to join?


You MUST be at least 18 years of age.

You MUST have your own transportation to events.

Membership fee of $25/single, $40 family

(includes spouse & children under 18).

Make or Purchase of period clothing and accoutrements (some items available for loan).


 Must be in reasonably good health for soldier impression.

What does the regiment provide?


Insurance so that you can take the field and participate in events.

Black Powder and flints for muskets.

We will train you to safely fire a musket and in the

         Baron von Steuben Manual of Arms.

A friendly environment, camaraderie, and a chance to visit and camp at beautiful locations.

Family Friendly Environment

A Mentor to help you build your "Kit"


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