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Articles of Unity

6th Connecticut Regiment, Connecticut Line

Established: February 1, 1993

Revised: December 13, 2003

Revised: April 02, 2020


ARTICLE ONEName and Basic Objectives 

    A) To perpetuate and recreate the 18th-century military history of the American Revolution and to educate the           public with lectures, displays, participation in and the sponsoring of patriotic events, living history                         reenactments, and programs.

    B) To research, preserve, and reproduce, as accurately as possible, 18th-century practices, material, social                 culture, and military dress and drill.

    C) The name of the Regiment will be the 6th Connecticut Regiment, Connecticut Line, a Living History                         Organization.

    D) The fiscal year shall run from January 1st to December 31st.

    E) The annual meeting shall take place no later than the second weekend in March.


ARTICLE TWO: Membership

    A) Active Membership: Shall be open to any interested adults regardless of age, race, creed, gender, or                       religious affiliation. Minors (anyone under the age of 18) may join provided a guardian or parent                               accompanies them to all events attended. A majority vote by members in good standing is required for                   membership.

    B) Associate Membership: Associate membership in the organization may be conferred upon such persons              who have formerly been active members who, because of circumstances beyond their control can no                    longer maintain active membership, or those deemed as an asset in support of the purpose of the                          organization. Any member of the Regiment may apply or nominate someone for this type of membership.              Must be approved by the Board of Directors.

    C) Friend of the Regiment: A Friend of the Regiment membership may be given to anyone who has made a                 significant contribution to the well being of the Regiment. This honor shall be known as “Friend of the                   Regiment”. This honor does not carry any voting rights. It must be approved by a simple majority of the                 Regiment.

    D) Dues: Upon completion of payment of the current annual dues (set for that calendar year) to the                               Regimental Treasurer and for all recruits, all necessary forms filled out, returned to the Regimental                         Secretary to keep on file, the recruit will be considered a member in good standing. All dues are collected

at the            Regimental meeting. All dues are payable at the annual Regimental Meeting. A member has 90 days AFTER           the annual meeting to pay their dues. Failure to do so may result in loss of membership


    E) Good Standing Member: To be considered a member in good standing, a member must have paid the                     current annual dues.

    F) Voting: All members in good standing 18 years old or older have the right to one (1) vote on all matters subject to vote.

   G) Ballots: voting shall be done by a show of hands. Any member can request that any vote be by secret ballot prior to voting.

​    H)  Proxy Vote: Any member that cannot attend the annual meeting can submit a Proxy vote to the Board of Directors electronically or written. No verbal Proxy will be submitted. All proxy votes can be found on the Regiment website or provided by the Regiment Secretary. All Proxy Votes sent by electronic mail (e-mail) MUST include every Board Members email address as receiving the email for it to be valid.




   A) President – to negotiate all Regimental business.

   B) Vice President – to assist and possibly assume the Presidency when required or requested by the President.

   C) Secretary – To handle all correspondence, record all Regimental business as directed, and to maintain a                minutes/meeting record. 

   D) Treasurer – Responsible for all financial records of the Regiment.

   E) Historian – Responsible for keeping all past history and current history, whether it is written word,                          photographs, and/or records of attendance.

   F) Board of Directors – Shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and One (1) Rank &         File.  They will also vote on Regimental expenditures greater than $101 but less than $499. They will serve             one (1) campaign season without limit. They will also hand down any punishment for infractions against the         Regiment’s bylaws and/or of violation of safety standards which can include reprimand and up to and                     including expulsion from the Regiment.  



A) Commander – Shall be responsible for the safety, well being, military dress, appearance, and performance of the members of the Regiment at any event.

B) 1st Sergeant – Shall act as commander in the absence of the Commander. Shall also act as safety officer, maintain attendance at events, and keep muster rolls. Shall be responsible to the Commander for the safe and accurate training of all troops.

C) Quarter Master – Shall be responsible for all Regimental property including but not limited to; flags, tents, ironware, etc., or any other Regimental property as directed by the Commander.


Election of Officers (Organizational and Military)

A) All organizational officers will be elected for a term of one (1) year, by a majority vote of Membership, this election taking place at the annual meeting. They may serve without term limits.

B) All Military officers will be elected for a term of one (1) year, this election taking place at the annual meeting. The Officers may serve with no term limits.

C) Nominations for all Officers, organizational and military, shall be solicited from the membership, 21 days before the annual meeting by the Board of Directors. All members in good standing may nominate candidates for any position except 1st Sergeant. All MILITARY members in good standing may nominate candidates for 1st Sergeant. A proposed slate of officers shall be distributed by the Nominating Committee to all members in good standing no later than 7 day prior the annual meeting.

  1. All members eligible to vote may elect all officers except 1st Sergeant.  A 67% majority of those members present or voting by proxy is required for all elections of officers.

  2. Candidates for the platoon non-commissioned officers (NCO) are to be decided by each platoon on an annual basis. Platoon size will be determined by the Commanding Officer based upon the number soldiers at the start of Campaign season prior to the annual meeting. Members of each platoon will caucus to decide and vote on the nominations for the NCO for the coming campaign season. The candidates’ names will be presented to the Commander of the Regiment, without prejudice.  The Commander of the Regiment has final decision on all promotions. The Commander of the Regiment may agree to promote those nominated or may reject the nominations and promote others, for the good of the Regiment. This process must be completed before the first public assembly of the Regiment in a campaign year.

  3. Other positions may be added or deleted in response in the growth or decline of membership in the Regiment. These positions will be created with the majority of the membership. Likewise may be deleted by majority vote of the membership.

  4. Any Officer Military or Organizational or NCO unable to perform his/her duty shall be replaced. This replacement may occur at any time at the discretion of all the other officers. The Commander shall appoint a replacement for Military officers and the President shall appoint a replacement for Organizational officers. In the event that the President needs replacing, the Vice President will fill the Presidency until a new President is elected. In the event the Commander needs replacing, the 1st Sergeant will become Commander and the 1st Sergeant appoints a new 1st Sergeant.



  1. No part of the activities of this Regiment shall be for the carrying on of propaganda or to influence any legislation not related to the American Revolution, nor shall the Regiment participate in any political campaigns on behalf of any candidate for public office. It shall not partake in any religious activities designed to favor one religious dogma over another. The purpose of this Regiment is to foster the ideals of the American Revolution as they relate to the Founding Fathers of the Country and its form of Government guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights.

  2. All members are prohibited to discuss modern politics with the public or among themselves while at an event. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the Regiment.


ARTICLE FIVE: Expenditures

  1. All expenditures over $100 must be read and approved by a simple majority of the Board of Directors before they are paid. The President may approve expenditures less than $100 without a vote not to exceed $600 in any Regimental campaign year. Membership will vote on any amount over $500 by simple majority.

  2. All expenditures shall be accounted for by the Treasurer and communicated to the membership at the annual meeting.

  3. There will be an audit of the Treasurer’s records every three (3) years or at the request of the President. The results of the audit will be communicated to the membership by the President.


ARTICLE SIX:  Amendments

  1. Any member may propose an amendment.  Amendments to these bylaws must be made in writing 4 weeks before the annual meeting and distributed to all members. Amendments maybe ratified by 75% majority of attending members who are eligible to vote. The President may authorize a meeting at any time to discuss the bylaw change without waiting for the annual meeting. All members are to be contacted by any means possible and notified of said meeting. Proxy votes will be allowed in writing for any matters that shall come before the membership.


ARTICLE SEVEN: Scheduling of Events

  1. The preparation of the yearly campaign schedule shall be the responsibility of the President – not the Commander, unless they are one in the same – dependent upon the approval and input from the membership. Each member has the right to suggest events. Each member has the right to declare one event a year as their “home” event and shall be supported with appearance of the Regiment as voted.

  2. No member is to distribute flyers or discuss or promote any non Regimental event with the public without prior approval of the President AND Commander or Field Commander if Commander is not present.


ARTICLE EIGHT: Authenticity

  1. All clothing, arms, and accoutrements must meet historic standards of this particular Regiment in accordance with Regimental records, histories, and/or other verified historical sources pertinent to the time period being portrayed. Each member is responsible for the up keep and look of their uniform/ civilian portrayal.



  1. All members shall be provided with current safety manual and be responsible to follow approved safety regulations both in camp event site and on the field. Failure to adhere to strict safety rules could result in loss of membership.

  2. In the case of a serious safety violation at an event, the Commander or 1st Sergeant reserves the right to dismiss (remove) the violator from any reenactment and has the right to send a written reprimand to be kept on file. A second violation by same member will result in loss of privileges up to and including expulsion from Regiment. Only the Board of Directors can expel a member by majority vote.



  1. The 6th Connecticut Regiment, Continental Line, was raised in the year 1777 and served until consolidation in the year 1781. The particular time period being portrayed by this Regiment, for the purpose of clothing and rank identification, shall be December, 1780. Militia year will be the year 1775.

  2. This Regiment has adopted the Light Infantry model of officers and NCO’s providing there is enough rank and file, of one Commander, one 1st Sergeant, and up to two corporals. The Commander and /or 1st Sergeant may appoint acting corporals during absence of elected/ appointed NCO’s.

  3. The officer/NCO positions available to vote on will be determined by the voting members with a majority vote of voting MILITARY members present. (Meaning we don’t have to fill every position. As we grow, we add to the Officers corps)



  1. Any member may be expelled from membership for the following, but not limited to, the following reasons as determined by a majority vote of the Board of Directors:


 Non-payment of dues by the end of the 1st quarter of the new fiscal year.


Conduct detrimental to the prestige, safety, and/or general welfare of the organization as brought to the attention of the Board of Directors and/or the general membership.


Serious breach of the regiment’s by-laws.



  1. This organization shall be dissolved by 75% vote of the membership. All camp gear owned by the Regiment, shall be sold at fair market price and all monies placed in the Regiment account.

  2. Any funds remaining in the Regiments accounts shall be distributed as directed by the membership to another non-profit entity voted on by the majority.












1993 Original Charter Members           2003 Voting Members

Richard Swartwout                                   Richard Swartwout                    Luise Ernest

Lance Swartwout                                      Lance Swartwout                       Steven Sonleiter

Russell Wirtella                                         David Holloway                          Billie Powe

David Holloway                                         Bert Armington

Bert Armington                                         Ted St. Amand

Jeffery Hessler                                          Rosemarie Morin

Michael Chuckta                                       Kevin Margenau

John Towle                                                Ross Kenney

                                                                    Robert Kenney

                                                                    David Rovero

                                                                    Lorraine Jacques



2020 Voting Members

Margaret Berthold                                     Rose Morin

Jody Bishel                                                Frank Petrini

Curran Bishop                                           Craig Reynolds

Daniel Bosques                                         Fred Rivard

Timothy Chaucer                                       Aidan Schreiner     

Michael Chuckta                                        Maria Screiner       

Karlee Etter                                                Rick Schreiner                    

Dave Gibson                                              Suzanne Schwarz

Diana Henderson                                      Dawn Sotir

Stephen Henderson                                  Richard Swartwout

Ross Kenney                                             Abby Sweet

Fred Kerson

Dave Loda

Anthony Lorenti

Kevin Margenau

Sandra Mendyk                                                     

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