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The 6th Connecticut Regiment is currently seeking donations to help us become a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization. Currently we are tax exempt non - profit Regiment, which means that any donations to us are not tax deductible. The cost to file make it difficult for us to do.


This Regiment is strictly a non-profit organization and we are currently looking to raise $1000 to cover all filing fees.


Our goal to educate the public about the War of Independence by sponsoring events but the current expenses of running the regiment make this impossible, so with your help, we can aggressively pursue tax deductible donations to help us achieve our goal.


Any donations will be welcomed and if you donate over $50 you will become an Honorary Member of the Regiment and be awarded a Certificate of Merit, suitable for display.


Please send your donations to:

(make checks payable to the 6th Connecticut Regiment)


The 6th Connecticut Regiment

225 Berkeley Road

Fairfield, CT, 06825